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Caretaking Services To Maintain Your Second Home

We offer an expertise level and property care services beyond the realm of your friendly neighborhood caretaker that only a firm with the size and depth of ours can adequately address. We handle all the details so you can experience the joy that comes along with owning a fully operational and managed home.  For well over 30 years, we have experienced and resolved just about everything involved in maintaining and anticipating homeowners’ needs in our beautiful high alpine valley and neighboring communities.  Our small company is the longest-running and largest in scope of capability that is also 100% locally owned, operated, and founded by locals.  Services range from essential to comprehensive.  From basic weekly walk-thru with detailed checklists to project management and special requests. Our network becomes your network of resources, with speed dial access to specialty trades and mountain, know-how.  At our core, we offer a small group of trained professional caretakers available year round 365, 24-7 who respect you and your home and treat it like it was their own.  We, as a whole, come with 25+ years of strong business relationships with the area’s top construction professionals, tradespeople like painters and cleaning companies, interior designers, architects, attorneys, and airport shuttle services to name a few.

Start The Conversation.  Call Lee@ 970.729.0526

I love that I just call Jeremy and he gets the right sub out to us as soon as they can- Simone Carter

We are not there full time and we dont know the subs or the quality of their work. Lee has the pulse on and personal working knowledge of their reputation & work quality, how they operate and why they charge what they do. That connectivity to Telluride has been awesome. -Rob S

Years back, our KK Personal Home Caretaker, David, suggested that we install this inexpensive, clever water system monitor gadget under the sink, and it really saved us a big headache. -Georgiana S. from NC