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Caretaking Services To Maintain Your Second Home

We offer services outside of the realm of your friendly neighborhood caretaker that only a firm with the size and depth of ours can adequately address. If it’s not listed above, just ask — we are happy to oblige.

In addition to facilitating property and vehicle maintenance, remodels or additions — we will take charge of making reservations for car rentals, ski lessons, in-home massage, chef services and so much more. Expect a full itinerary prior to arrival and answers to any questions you may have about traveling to and staying in the area!

I love that I just call Jeremy and he gets the right sub out to us as soon as they can- Simone Carter

We are not there full time and we dont know the subs or the quality of their work. Lee has the pulse on and personal working knowledge of their reputation & work quality, how they operate and why they charge what they do. That connectivity to Telluride has been awesome. -Rob S

Years back, our KK Personal Home Caretaker, David, suggested that we install this inexpensive, clever water system monitor gadget under the sink, and it really saved us a big headache. -Georgiana S. from NC