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We think you’ll agree. Time is the ultimate luxury. And, freeing up your time while you are in Telluride has been the focus of Kastle Keepers, since 1991. 

Kastle Keepers was born out of a genuine need in the second homeowner market. 30+ years of serving second homeowners and their exquisite properties with 365,24/7 property care services aimed at enhancing your second home ownership experience. We have an established Main Street location and are an insured business. We are proud of our reputation for excellent need-based service, responsiveness and professionalism. After all, we are the only property care company that can honestly say that we are the first of our kind, the longest running, locally owned and operated, and have 30+ years of caretaking services experience to offer in the Telluride Valley. We have a 30-years worth of strong business relationships with the area’s top-tier vendors and trades that are in unprecedented demand and often difficult to book with. 30 years of hands-on know-how, problem resolution and more importantly understanding how to prevent costly home issues from arising in the first place. We have experienced it all and resolved it all, always with your best interest in the forefront. 

Savor the moment and have confidence that someone with expertise and respect is caring for your investment and maintains it in a fully operational mode for your return. We have a deep understanding of how to anticipate our clientele’s needs and what it takes exactly to meet their elevated standards. Considering your preferences, we create a tailor-made plan of care for the property that is proactive and maintains the integrity of your investment for generations to come. When you are done using the home and shut the door you can have peace of mind knowing that a professionally trained staff will handle all the minutia and preventive care involved with owning a second home for you. It is when you experience joy while using your competently managed home We Know We Have Done An Excellent Job.