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When you come into our sphere of influence & community connectedness our proven network of professionals becomes your network of trusted vendors.

We value our extensive network of tradespeople & professionals many of whom we have working relationships with for many years. Mutual Respect is integral and we appreciate everyone involved in the cycle of maintaining Telluride’s exquisite homes and their complexities including our valued owner clients. We and our entire network are honored to be able to live in the beautiful alpine village and surrounding towns alongside people who have chosen to spend their quality family time in our community. In 2008, when the economy took a severe downturn we kept maintaining the homes and kept these exact same tradespeople employed so that we, as a community, wouldn’t lose their talents. Relationships are what matters most. We have the keys to the castles and we carefully choose who is allowed access to our homes. There are protocols and procedures in place to safeguard the process such as meeting them onsite, explaining scope of work and locking up after their work day is completed. Our essential core group of Home Managers is composed of several talented service-minded professionals who come from either real estate, construction & service industries backgrounds. This has created a small nimble powerhouse team, with all sorts of community connections, ingenuity skills and willingness to deliver responsive service to owners.